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A Heart for Healing

“Heart for Healing Service” is non-denominational, open to the public and
dedicated to relieving emotional and physical pain, reducing stress, ill-ness and
dis-ease plus elevating optimal healing at all levels of the body, & soul!

It’s based on the philosophy that all healing is Self-healing meaning that
SOURCE/CREATOR/GOD/The “I AM” or whatever you may call the Highest
Consciousness in your life does ALL the healing and uses intermediaries like
Angels, Spirit Guides and other people to facilitate and activate your healing
system! We all heal one another through pathways and methods given to us
through the HOLY SPIRIT. Archangel RaphaEl (Hebrew name means He Who
Cures) comes to each Service but uses human healing assistants–you, me and all
who attend to do the healing. The Service addresses those physically attending on
Zoom, also sends “Absent/Long-Distance” healing for people not in physical
attendance and we heal/pray for those in the world of spirit—our parents,
spouses, children, relatives, friends, ancestors and even our pets who have passed
on but are alive in another realm.

Minimal donations are required for the Service –$12 for 2 Services or $24 for 4
and all donations are given to 2 charities—monies are NOT kept by Rev. Dr.
AdaRA save for “Square” assessed monthly transaction fees.

Questions may be directed to Rev. Dr. AdaRA through this website using the
Contact Form, Emailing her or by calling the Tel. number listed on this site.

Please join us on the 2nd & 4th Wed in Aug-Oct and weekly starting in Dec 2023
save for Christmas and New Year’s weeks. Service Times: 5-5:30P PT, 6-6:30P MT,
7-7:30P Central and 8-8:30P EST.


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