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Dive deeper into the healing art of Reiki with the illuminating “Reiki II Gendai – Okuden” class. Building upon the foundation of Reiki I, this course delves into the second level of Gendai Reiki, known as “Okuden,” which translates to “Inner Teachings” or “Deeper Knowledge.” Explore advanced techniques and symbols, expand your connection to Reiki energy, and uncover the profound mysteries of distant healing.

Course Overview: In the Reiki II Gendai – Okuden class, students will continue their journey into Gendai Reiki, delving into the higher aspects of this holistic healing system. This level focuses on deepening one’s understanding of energy healing and its applications in various aspects of life.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Advanced Reiki Symbols: Students will be introduced to the sacred and powerful Reiki symbols used in Reiki II, unlocking their abilities to amplify healing energy and transcend time and space.
  2. Distance Healing Techniques: The class will explore the art of distant healing, allowing students to send healing energy across time and distance, transcending physical barriers.
  3. Mental and Emotional Healing: Participants will learn techniques to address mental and emotional issues, facilitating profound healing on the inner levels of being.
  4. Healing Past and Future: Explore the concept of healing past traumas and sending healing energy to future events, offering comfort and support.
  5. Enhanced Intuition and Sensitivity: The class emphasizes practices to enhance intuition and sensitivity to Reiki energy, deepening the connection with the healing forces.
  6. Professional Reiki Practice: Students will gain insights into starting a professional Reiki practice, ethical considerations, and client care.

Class Format: The Reiki II Gendai – Okuden class offers a balanced mix of theory and experiential learning. Engaging lectures, practical demonstrations, interactive exercises, and distant healing sessions create a supportive and immersive learning experience.

Who Should Attend: This class is open to Reiki practitioners who have completed Reiki I Gendai – Shoden or equivalent Reiki Level I training. If you seek to deepen your Reiki journey, expand your healing abilities, and explore advanced Reiki techniques, this class is perfect for you.

Prerequisites: Completion of Reiki I Gendai – Shoden or an equivalent Reiki Level I training is required to enroll in Reiki II Gendai – Okuden.

Expand Your Healing Horizon: Take the next step in your Reiki journey with Reiki II Gendai – Okuden. Unlock the deeper knowledge of Reiki symbols, harness distant healing abilities, and embark on a path of profound mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Enroll now to expand your healing horizon and experience the transformative power of Reiki in its higher realms.

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