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The Santa Fe Animal Healer

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Energy Healing & Spiritual Healing for Animals in Santa Fe, Eldorado, Espanola, Glorieta. Lamy & Albuquerque

Rev. AdaRA L. Walton, C.E. H.A. AMT Accredited Certified Energy Healer for Animals

"All animals have emotions and are spiritual like humans. "When an animal is hurt spiritually, medications, surgery and pills cannot help. Energy healing - Spiritual healing is necessary, even required ."

About Me

Rev. AdaRA has been a "healing assistant" for many years working with both humans and animals using many modalities. She is a very caring person but returned to school to get her doctorates in Naturopathy and in Natural Health. She found that energy healing is her strength and her passion.

With her work in spiritual counseling and also pursuing degrees in metaphysics and theocentric psychology, she found that she is able to help many beings in need of emotional and spiritual healing. When she came across an energy master who helped only animals, she turned her attention fully to her 4-legged and feathered friends. Rev. AdaRA cannot cure physical illness or dis-ease or make emotional or behavioral issues disappear.

If there is an issue or problem - an injury of the spirit, problems that the Vets can't seem to find, handle or solve, then call Rev. AdaRA-- she may be able to help. If your cat, dog or horse is in need of spiritual healing and/or has been hurt in their energy body, the powerful energy healing offered through Rev. AdaRA may make an impact - all the difference that's needed. Rev. AdaRA heals the animal's energy system. Actual energy healing that's fair, caring and compassionate.

Feedback from Human Clients

Renee H. and Sam, Albuquerque:
"My cat Sam is 18 1/2 years old. I have had him since he was about one-year old. I found him on the side of a busy highway. He has been diagnosed with kidney disease. He has been on medications for constipation, pain due to arthritis, and fluids for dehydration. Over time, I have had to increase subcutaneous fluid intake to daily administration. To complicate things further, he has gone blind in both eyes as doctors believe it's due to an increase in blood pressure. They recommended further testing with the administration of additional meds. Sam wants nothing to do with additional blood tests, medications, Vets or doctors. I decided to contact Rev. AdaRA for help.

The energy healing session was wonderful! Sam was agitated when we arrived for the session but calmed down almost immediately. It has been 3 1/2 days since the energy session. Sam is much calmer than he has been. He does not appear to be in any pain. In fact, he's much more active than he has been in the past few weeks. His appetite has increased, he requires subcutaneous fluids every other day rather than daily, he is enjoying periods of supervised time outdoors (he hadn't wanted to go outside before the energy healing session), and he's much more content and peaceful. Rev. AdaRa has also continued to send remote energy healing treatments for the past three nights. As a side note, I AM much calmer and more peaceful since Sam's session. The energy that flowed to Sam also flowed to me. We both benefited! I cannot thank you enough, Rev AdaRa, for your expertise, kindness and compassion when working with us. We look forward to our next session with great anticipation!

Barbara B., Santa Fe:
"Rev. AdaRA has seen both of my dogs recently. Although neither of them has had a serious health issue during this time, she has given them some blessed water and they seem to have responded to it very positively. Both of them are more lively (both are very large dogs over ten years of age) and are moving with less difficulty and appear to be hearing and responding to me better as well. I would have no reservation consulting Rev. AdaRA should either of them have health issues in the future. In fact, I will consult Rev. AdaRA prior to taking them to a Veterinarian."

M.Bell, Santa Fe:
"Dear Rev. AdaRA, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the wondrous healing energy you shared with my Beloved, cat, Ocho who was 17 yrs. old. At the time, I did not realize he was preparing to make transition, but I was immensely concerned about his frequent vomiting and restlessness. After a session, I noticed a return of calmness and the vomiting ceased entirely. We both enjoyed our time of snuggling once again. A short time after, I noticed a shift in his energy and knew he was preparing to pass on to the other side. I shared this journey with him for two days - it was the saddest and happiest loving experience I've ever experienced with an animal. I believe it was the result of Rev. AdaRA's work that facilitated his peaceful transition for us both. Ocho's passing message to me--"You are ready to love yourself as I have loved you!" I am so very grateful! God Bless you, from my heart to yours, for doing this work."